Storage Solution

The right after sales service is a key to ensure a smooth continuity of our organization. We are continuously investing in service equipment & training of people. We have team of qualified & experience engineers. Ideal solution to feel released from maintenance obligations or possible down time is to leave these responsibilities to our engineers. We let you focus on your core business & leave the maintenance duties to us.

Supermarket Racks

The Newgen Tech Mezzanine racks can increase the storage capacity of any place to a great extent. Newgen Tech Mezzanine Floors create extra floor space by using heavy duty structural steel sections decked in as mezzanine decks, steel plates or open mesh to create a second story. Due to our independence we're also able, without bias, to explore your specific storage requirements and advise you on the very best solution to meet your needs and budget.

Features :
  • Easier to use : A strong stable new floor to hold additional storage
  • Can be designed to offer the greatest clear space on the ground for additional activities/storage

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