Material Handling

The right after sales service is a key to ensure a smooth continuity of our organization. We are continuously investing in service equipment & training of people. We have team of qualified & experience engineers. Ideal solution to feel released from maintenance obligations or possible down time is to leave these responsibilities to our engineers. We let you focus on your core business & leave the maintenance duties to us.

Traction battery & Chargers

Traction battery commonly also known as lead acid batteries is a rechargeable battery used for propulsion of battery operated equipment . Traction batteries are commonly used in pallet trucks , forklifts , reach trucks ,electric golf carts ,electric tow tractors , electric platform trucks , Aerial work platforms , VNA , riding floor sweepers & scrubber drier etc .Traction batteries used on material handling Equipments are routinely used all day, and charged all night. Newgentech can guide you in selecting right traction battery for your application. Newgentech can supply traction batteries to any make equipment. We strongly recommend to call our service executive to help you to do so. We can offer you tractions batteries from 12 Volts to 80 Volts.

Battery Charger :

Newgentech Solutions is leading the way into diesel generator battery charger, E-Bike battery charger, E- Rikshaw battery charger, SMPS, Adaptor, LED driver, innovation in power electronics and solar products.

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