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The right after sales service is a key to ensure a smooth continuity of our organization. We are continuously investing in service equipment & training of people. We have team of qualified & experience engineers. Ideal solution to feel released from maintenance obligations or possible down time is to leave these responsibilities to our engineers. We let you focus on your core business & leave the maintenance duties to us.

Electric Puller :
Advantages :
  • Small and powerful, fit to any worker.
  • Stepless speed control, smooth/controllable speeds.
  • Electrically powered with built-in charger, free from taking heavy charger.
  • Gel battery, free from maintenance.
  • Emergency stop device.
  • Rubber pneumatic drive wheel with alternative treed patterns and material specifications.
  • Low battery protection setting.
  • Significant productivity gains-either through a reduction in man power required to move loads, orincreased speed of moving loads .
  • Fingertip control and compact size make the unit easy to maneuver.
  • Charger with UL certificate.
  • Ergonomic handle.
Main Specifications :
Sr.No. Model Unit UT-WP-1500
1 Drive Type -- Battery
2 Operate Type -- Pedestrian
3 Capacity Q(kg) 1500
4 Wheelbase Y(mm) 395
5 Tyre size (Front) mm 406x165x200
6 Tyre size (Rear) mm 127
7 Tread (Front) B10(mm) 557
8 Wheels, number front rear (x=driven wheel) c(mm) X2/1
9 Height of tiller in drive position min/max H14(mm) 890
10 Overall Length L1(mm) 1695
11 Overall Width B1/B2(mm) 722
12 Turning Radius Wa(mm) 1290
13 Ground clearance (center of wheelbase) M2(mm) 100
14 Travel Speed (Laden/Unladen) Km/h 4.8/5.5
15 Service Brake b5(mm) Electric
16 Drive motor rating S2 60 min KW 0.6
17 Battery Voltage, nominal capacity K5 V/ah 24/80
18 Battery weight Kg 49
19 Type of Drive Control -- MOSFET
20 Draw Chassis Height H10(mm) 178/218/258
21 Service weight (incl. battery) Kg 150

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