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Hand Pallet Truck
Main Specifications :
  • Sturdy and compact enough to fit through standard doors and to operate in congested areas.
  • Maneuvering with one hand on the tiller arm is both comfortable and safe
  • Optional fast lift with only 3 Lift Strokes.
  • The chromed wheel and joint bushings allow for easy pulling or pushing
  • A C-channel designed steel fork means maximum strength for long-term performance.
  • Integrated Pump without welding
  • Controllable Fork lowering speed
  • Overload valve to avoid over loading.
  • Powder coat paint finish
  • Lifting function operated by foot and hand controls.

Model No. Unit NGT-HPT-2500 NGT-HPT-3000
Capacity kg 2500 3000
Lowered Fork Height H13(mm) 85 85
Steering Wheel mm Ø180 Ø180
Fork Wheel mm Ø74 x Ø70 Ø80 x Ø70
Max Lift Height H3(mm) 190 190
Height of Tiller in drive position H14(mm) 1214 1214
Overall Length L1(mm) 1543 1543
Fork length L(mm) 1150/1220 1150/1220
Width Over Fork B5(mm) 550/685 550/685
Ground Clearance M2(mm) 32 32
Aisle width for pallets 1000x1200 crossways Ast(mm) 1743 1743
Aisle width for pallets 800x1200 lengthways Ast(mm) 1793 1793
Turning radius Wa(mm) 1276 1276
Service Weight Kg 65 85

High Lift Pallet Truck
  • Equipped with quick lift function doubles the lift speed for loads lighter than 200 kg.
  • With pressure relief valve and overload valve to prevent pump damages when loads exceeds weight limits.
  • The enclosed fork tips and reinforced fork frames ensures long service life.
  • Powered by 12 voltage battery, driven by a good effective pump station.
  • Used as both a work table and pallet truck 10-12 seconds pumping from the bottom to the top.
  • Safety overload system prevents the truck from being used beyond
  • The handle automatically returns to its upright position when released.

Model No. In UT-SL-1000 UT-SL-1500
Capacity kg 1000 1500
Min. Fork Height mm 85 85
Max. Fork Height mm 800 800
Size of fork e*s mm 160 x 50 160 x 50
Width of overall fork mm 540 520
Length of fork mm 1170 1100
Fork roller mm 78 x 60 75 x 50
Big wheel mm 200 x 50 150 x 50
Weight kg 127 125

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