Material Handling

The right after sales service is a key to ensure a smooth continuity of our organization. We are continuously investing in service equipment & training of people. We have team of qualified & experience engineers. Ideal solution to feel released from maintenance obligations or possible down time is to leave these responsibilities to our engineers. We let you focus on your core business & leave the maintenance duties to us.

Scissor Lift

The NewGentech Scissor Lift Table can be smoothly taken up or down and can be stopped at any intermediate position by operating the push button or pedal switch. This equipment brings the table to the most convenient working height for purpose of panel feeding and receiving to process machines and it helps in increase of production. Our Scissor Lift Tables have a wide range of applications including in engineering, Paper, Textiles, Chemical, Plywood, Glass, Asbestos sheet, Industrial Laminates and other industries.

Advantages :
  • Approved motor and electrical components.
  • Velocity fuses on each cylinder to prevent platform free-fall for added operator safety.
  • Remote power pack is factory tested and prewired complete with (Option)
  • Standard hand held push button control.
  • All NewGentech make Lift Tables have scissor legs made of solid plate steel or Box section for maximum rigidity.
  • Reliable NewGentech lift cylinders provide years of trouble free operation. A hard chrome ram and self-adjusting
  • Polyurethane seals assure long life and reduced maintenance.
  • Pivot points are fitted with DU bushings to ensure smooth, maintenance free operation
  • Hard chromed pivot pins are further evidence of the quality built into each lift table.
  • The smooth deck plate is heavily reinforced including the peripheral members that are welded as a one piece platform to meet/exceed rated capacities.

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