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Hyundai offers a wide range of forklifts to suit your diverse load handling requirements.

When you add a Hyundai forklift to your team, you can expect nothing but the best performance across various parameters. Faster operation cycles, ease-of-operations and optimised fuel consumption are just some of the benefits of these cutting-edge forklifts. With these machines on your side, you can always be assured of high productivity and profitability in your operations.


Small Forklifts

Load Capacity: 1.5-3.5 Ton

Medium Forklifts

Load Capacity: 3.5-8 Ton

Heavy Duty Forklifts

Load Capacity: 8-30 Ton


Electric Forklifts

Load Capacity: 1.6- 5 Ton

Li-Ion Forklifts

Load Capacity: 2.5-3.5 Ton

Benefits Of HCE's Lithium-Ion Batteries

Long Hours Of Continuous Operation

  •  Continued operations possible throughout the day with only auxiliary charge during equipment stoppage and meal time.
  •  No need for spare batteries and charging facilities.


  •  Use of non-explosive phosphoric acid-iron compounds.
  •  Enclosed battery case made of high-strength steel.
  •  Prevention of overheating, excessive electrkitY discharge or recharging through Battery Manage System.

Easy Maintenance

  •  No need to replenish distilled water or electrolytes.
  •  Battery life at least twice longer than that of lead / sulfuric acid batteries (over 2.500 cycles).
  •  No emission of harmful gases and no restriction on the charging location .

Cost Savings

  •  Charging efficiency higher than lead / sulfuric acid batteries (70% -3 95%)
  •  More affordable than NCM Lithium-ion batteries (at -23 of the price of NCM batteries).
  •  10.000 operational hours guaranteed for 5 years.

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